Air Conditioner Tune-Up Rebate

Be prepared for the summer heat!

Air conditioners and air source heat pumps must be maintained to perform at optimum efficiency. Properly maintained cooling equipment provides improved comfort, runs more efficiently, lowers your energy costs, and lasts longer.

A tune-up provides an opportunity for a licensed HVAC technician to professionally evaluate your cooling system and ensure that it operates efficiently. A professional tune-up can improve unit efficiency by about 10 percent. It includes cleaning the outdoor condenser, checking for refrigerant leaks, checking air flow, and checking refrigerant charge and pressure.

Mora Municipal Utilities offers our electric customers a $35 rebate for the completion of a professional inspection, cleaning, and tune-up of each air conditioner or ASHP between April 1 and September 30. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download our rebate form and complete/sign the “Customer” section of the form.
  2. Schedule a tune-up with your AC contractor.
  3. Have your contractor perform the tune up between April 1 and September 30, and complete/sign the “Contractor” section of the rebate form.
  4. Mail or bring in your rebate form and original invoice (showing customer name, address, and date of service) to the utility office.

Please see our rebate form for specific requirements and terms & conditions.